One – Identifying imbalances:

It is so tempting to list out a bunch of conditions that I treat (IBS, anxiety, PMS etc.) however, I deeply believe that this medicine is not just about labels but rather looking at the body as a whole to figure out what is going on.  Some signs that something is out of balance may include….

Low energy


Skin changes



Hair loss

Chronic aches and pains

Stubborn weight loss

Brain fog/dazed feeling

A growing number of allergies

Chronically catching colds

Two – Investigating the root cause: 

(Here are some of the possible causes that are at the root of health conditions.)

Excess exposures in the form of: synthetic toxins, environmental changes, poor food quality

Chronic stress

Backlogged detoxification pathways in the body

Emotional stagnation

Nutrient depletions and imbalances

Medical history, use of pharmaceutical drugs

Poor sleep patterns

Lack of movement

Three – Working from the foundation, up: 

To lean on that old house analogy, you can’t build the roof until you have a solid foundation. Rather than jump to the quickest solution, this method dives deep into the foundations of health.  How is your sleep? Nutritional status? Stress? Social support? Exercise? Hydration? Self-care?

Four – From complicated to simple.  

Over the years, many people have mentioned to me that they find health and wellness quite confusing.  It is my job to break down the overwhelming words and terms into simple and understandable concepts so that you can literally envision what is going on in inside your body. It is my goal to make science and natural wellness fun and understandable.

Five – Current health goals & future health goals:

 Too often in health, we only focus on how we are currently feeling. Sometimes this can translate into ‘quick fixes’ and a rush to move through our body’s signals and symptoms. However, I also believe that we need to have our sights on the horizon and focus on those long term goals, too.  How do you want to feel at 90 years old? Are you travelling soon? Are you heading into a stressful time in the near future (exams, job change etc.)? Let’s look at your short and long term health goals as we plant the seeds for your best health.

I can’t wait to show you all that is possible as you step into your most illuminated health, yet.